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Fair trade treats from south of the border

by Andrew Williams | February 14, 2015

Well, we have now just about recovered from our epic trip to Mexico. I cannot hand-on-heart claim that it was all work, but we did meet some incredible new suppliers as well as catching up with some of our existing far trade cooperatives. While we were in the USA we also took the opportunity to meet up with Mata Traders, who produce some of the amazing dresses we stock. They were exhibiting at the Atlanta Gift Show, and while we were there we also met another great new supplier called Refugee Beads - look out for their lovely jewellery coming soon!


Mexico was the main event however. We now have new (but limited) stock of some truly beautiful new pieces:

  • Tin mirrors, beaten by hand - all slightly different. These now come in a lovely presentation pack, and are still just £5. 
  • Wooden "alebrije" figures, hand carved and painted. These are already going quickly!
  • Tortilla warmers! perfect for the chef who has everything, or any aspiring Mexican cook.  
  • An incredible new selection of rugs from Oaxaca, woven on wooden looms using 100% wool and natural plant and mineral dyes. Obviously only one each of these. 


We spent the last three days of our trip in Mexico City, and were lucky enough to meet some more incredible new suppliers. We will be adding new stock from all of our talented producers during the year so stay tuned!

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Hand carved and painted Mexican folk art

by Louise Davies | July 05, 2013

We're excited to be stocking some of our favourite pieces of art from Mexico - 'Alebrije' animal figures. 

We bought an Alebrije rabbit on a trip to Mexico (at an eye-watering price due to my confusion over the exchange rate!), and displayed it behind the shop counter. We had so may requests to purchase it we decided to import a range to sell. 

Alebrijes’ are a form of folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico. They are carved and painted by hand, and incorporate fantastical imagery.

Some creatures have removable pieces – the more removable pieces, the more special the creature. Traditionally this would be how you can tell that you have a piece carved by one of the original great carvers.

All of the pieces include exquisite detailed hand-painting and bright colours. We hope you like them!

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