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Peru 72% "Cocoa Not Cocaine"

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What: San Martin used to be infamous for the cultivation of cocaine, but now the farmers of the young “Cacao de Aroma” cooperative cultivate organic cocoa – a great opportunity for them, an incredibly important project and a chance for Zotter to lend their support! The movie “Cocoa not Cocaine” is currently playing at the Zotter chocolate theatre.

Vital statistics: 2 x 35g bars = 70g. Ingredients: cocoa mass°*, raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°* Single origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Peru.
Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 72% minimum

How: Zotter are artisan chocolatiers and one of the few companies that process their own cocoa. They also proudly produce organic and fairtrade chocolate from bean to bar. Certified Fairtrade and Organic. Made in Austria. 

Who: Josef Zotter is an Austrian chocolatier who is passionate about chocolate and creates pioneering new flavours. He works with fairtrade cocoa farmers around the world to source the best beans for your bar.
Why: Buying fairtrade chocolate provides farmers in developing countries with fair prices, fair terms, decent working conditions and empowers them to create sustainable businesses. 

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