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Current Issue: 4, Spring 2019

About: Omnom Magazine is a sustainable lifestyle publication that encourages a return to mindful, slow living.

We cover a wide range of topics exploring the stories of passionate people, small businesses striving to change the status quo and how to live a more considered life. All features and themes are rooted in a desire to live mindfully, make conscious choices and put community first.

Omnom aims to be a source of inspiration for people looking to make such changes by publishing content that is constructive, considered and accessible for all.

Vital Statistics: A4, 98 pages. Published twice a year.  
    Why: We have hand-picked a small but growing selection of books and magazines which we hope complement the fair trade products we stock. Inspiring, engaging and educational, we hope that these publications can help move forward the discussion and debate around creativity, social justice and sustainability. 



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