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  • Fantastic Beasts Whistling Pigs
  • Fantastic Beasts Whistling Pigs
  • Fantastic Beasts Whistling Pigs
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Fantastic Beasts Whistling Pigs



What: Eighteen Rabbit UK exclusive and very limited stock. We were delighted and honoured to be able to visit the Ortega Folk Art workshop in Tonala, a suburb of Guadalajara, on a recent trip to Mexico. These incredible, surreal creations are now on their fifth generation of master artisans and still going strong. The whole process takes place in a small courtyard where cats and chickens roam freely. The clay is kneaded into shape, then fired in open kilns, before being hand painted. While the "Barro Betus" figures have an international following, particularly in Japan, we are not aware of any other stockists in the UK. 

How: Handmade in clay, fired, then hand painted. All pigs are unique - roughly 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 4cm. Blow through their snouts and they'll whistle!

Who: Handmade by the Ortega family in Tonala, Jalisco. Different generations of the extended family take on different elements of the production. 

Why: These incredible creations are bright and cheery, and support a traditional art form that is truly unique. 



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