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How to be a Leader

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What: School of Life presents an irreverent but inspiring twist on the self-help book. Short, sharp volumes focus on guiding you through the pressing issues in your life - how can you think more about exercise? How can you find fulfilling work? How can you learn to thrive in a digital age? How can you stay sane?! Bring order and calm to your life.

How: "The School of Life offers radical ways to help us raid the treasure trove of human knowledge." - The Independent on Sunday.

Who: Martin Bjergegaard and Cosmina Popa. No one is born a natural leader: this is the idea at the heart of this enlightening leadership book. Popular culture feeds us images of the square-jawed, strong-armed leader - charismatic, powerful, decisive. But the truth is, with the right amount of self-knowledge and authenticity, an appreciation of the benefits of failure and a curiosity with the world around us, anyone can become a good leader, even those of us who don't fit the stereotypes.
    Why: The School of Life - your escape from the school of hard knocks. 



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