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How to Deal with Adversity



What: School of Life presents an irreverent but inspiring twist on the self-help book. Short, sharp volumes focus on guiding you through the pressing issues in your life - how can you think more about exercise? How can you find fulfilling work? How can you learn to thrive in a digital age? How can you stay sane?! Bring order and calm to your life.

How: "The School of Life offers radical ways to help us raid the treasure trove of human knowledge." - The Independent on Sunday.

Who: Christopher Hamilton. Drawing upon history, philosophy and science, Chris looks at examples of adversity in contexts such as family, illness and friendship, and reflects on how we can best deal with the challenges of life. He invites us to think carefully about the human process of suffering and endurance and offers practical suggestions for facing adversity head on, wherever we encounter it. 
    Why: The School of Life - your escape from the school of hard knocks. 



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