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Revolting! - Mick Hume

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What: A short, sharp intervention in the crucial debate about the future of democracy, which has been brought to a head by events from Brexit to the Trump phenomenon.We live in strange days in the history of democracy. Every serious politician in the Western world supports democracy. Yet when the EU Referendum and American Elections both delivered the wrong’ result, elites challenged the merit of the people’s will, and some even tried to block it. Preferring unelected institutions, from technocrats to the courts, self-appointed higher minds questioned whether voters are fit to be trusted with their own futures. Ours is the age of "I support democracy, but..."

And yet the answer will never be to impose limitations. Popular democracy must offer better choices, rather than removing choice altogether. It’s time to defend democracy and fight for more it, with no ifs, buts or backtracks.

Who: Journalist and author Mick Hume writes fearlessly and passionately about free speech, and the unfolding re-definition of what a democracy actually is. 
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